For our New Zealand clients

Odessa / Samo 60cm Ivory Table Set

Unfortunately the only product we have available in New Zealand is our Odessa set.   This well made and comfortable table and 2 chair set would grace any balcony, deck, patio, back yard, front yard, sun porch, sunroom,  compact kitchen, cafe, restaurant….  Need some more space  quickly? fold up the chairs and put them somewhere out of the way.

Available in a rich cream or a lovely dark green the 60cm table and 2 folding chairs are modern but timeless. Produced  by RetiGritti in Lombardia, Italy from high quality steel, once the raw steel furniture is assembled, it’s then dipped in an electrolytic bath which treats the raw metal with an anti-rust coating, this process is called cataphorese. This is exactly the same process used for rust preventing many new car bodies. Once the cataphorese treatment is completed, the furniture is then covered with a good quality powder coating. I’ve had some of these chairs outside for 10 years, have they faded in our strong NZ sun, yes they have a little, but rust ? No still holding out very well.

An added bonus…. the folding chairs are rated @ 140kilo, this is a real asset for some of our larger Kiwis, feeling safe sitting on a chair is not always possible when you have cracked the 100 kilo + With a generous 370mm  x 370mm seat area, there is also plenty of support for a comfortable sit.

Price is an attractive $200 delivered anywhere in New Zealand EXCEPT any of our outer islands which includes Waiheke and Gt Barrier, but if you do live there, ask me to try and make it work for you.

Samo Folding Chair Green


RetiGritti & Carrefour remplacement Pieds Plastique pour chaises et tables

Disponible à partir de Lalinde Meubles – French Mode, 24150 Lalinde, pieds en plastique de rechange pour RetiGritti et Carrefour chaises et des tables. 2.50 € chaque chaise, 3,50 € chaque table plus frais par la France Poste. Couleurs blanc, ivoire, noir et vert. Conviendra chaise modèles Ibiza et Palma et tableaux Malte et Panarea.

Démonté ? Oui ! Flat packs ? Yes !

Oui, la plupart de nos produits sont des packs plats et sont démontés, parfait pour la plupart des voitures. L’Ibiza et Palma chaises ne peuvent pas être démonté, mais peuvent être empilés. Beaucoup de nos produits peuvent être expédiés avec Le Poste à des prix raisonnables, livraison dans un délai de 50 km de Lalinde peuvent être organisés pour 30 €.La plupart des produits sont disponibles pour les achats multiples au prix de gros à des revendeurs, nous sommes inscrits pour TVA.


Virtually all the firniture is available in flat packs except the Ibiza and Palma Chairs, these do stack and will fit most standard cars. the 110cm Panarea Table is too big for most cars, but will fit in a decent sized 4×4 or Monospace. Many of the products can be shipped with Le Poste by their courier service at a reasonable price, within 50km of Lalinde we can deliver for 30€.Most products are available for multiple purchases at wholesale prices to resellers, we are registered for TVA


Notre boutique et des produits

Maison Porte del Marty, 1 rue des Martyrs, Lalinde 24150, nous sommes sur le coin du pont de Lalinde et en face de l’église St Pierre……